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Soundtrack to our Lives

6 Part Series | COMEDY

60 Mins

An online comedy series for all ages, that explores the music of Victoria. Hosted by Joseph O'Farrell, this series visits musicians across the state in 6 x 10 minute episodes.

Directed by: Natalie Van Den Dungen

Created and written by: Joseph O'Farrell and Tom Salisbury

Cinematographer: Bonita Carzino

1st AC & Lighting: Austin Gilbert

2nd Unit Camera Operator: Francis Leo

2nd Unit 1st AC & Lighting: Marcus Bacarella

Sound recordists: Lara Soulio and Sean Jenkins

Production Co-ordinator: Freya McGrath

Production Assistants: Georgia Knight and Frankie McNair

Production Intern: Alice Coffey

Editor: Louise Mullins

Illustrator: Ashley Ronning

Animator: Patrick O'Farrell

Colourist: Julien Chichignoud

Music: Sunfruits

Available to watch at Together Vic website here

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